Courier Services Experienced an Unusual Boom in the Recent Canada Post Lockout

In business, misfortune is relative. When one competitor loses the others might be gaining. This was the scenario during the recent lockdown of Canada Post services. The courier services had to come in to take care of the small business shipping of products to customers. For their trouble, the courier services charged a tooth and an arm to the hapless customers.

✉ Boom Season in Courier Business in Canada

In most case, the boom season in the courier and delivery services in Canada is expected around Christmas when people are sending gifts, which they need to be delivered within the season. However, this mid-year boom that was occasioned by the recent Canada Post lockup significantly dwarfed that of the Christmas season. The courier business picked up about three or four times than normal.

✉ Making the Most of the Boom

The courier services hired more personnel to take care of the surging customer delivery demands. In spite of this, the delivery workers still had a hectic time keeping up with the demands of the clients. The services also adjusted the delivery time for any shipments within Canada, scheduling them to the end of the day.

The courier services also liaised with store locations most of which are independently owned and operate through licensed franchisees. They, therefore, planned with the stores in advance to create room for taking in the anticipated additional volumes.

The courier companies became invaluable to small business shipping needs. Notably, most small business shipping is conducted by Canada Post, which helps them to deliver packages to individual customers. For these shipping services, the Canada Post services are cheaper than what most courier companies charge for their services. During this crisis, affordable small business shipping alternative included teaming up with other sellers that were crossing the border.

✉ Disruption to Essential Services

The courier services also became the alternative for delivering the essential services, which the law requires to be transported through the postal address system. Such services include the delivery of licensed medical marijuana to patients, which could not be disrupted due to the lockout. Therefore, the involved medical marijuana producers turned to the courier services around the country to help get the medicine to the patients.

✉ Cost Implication

Due to the boom in business, the customer had to bear the cost. The courier and delivery services had to transfer their increased cost of operation to the customers most of whom were used to the low prices that Canada Post provides. The courier companies could, however, not be in a position to cut down the cost of their delivery and small business shipping services given that they are all express and also involve tracking.

The Canada Post lockout did not just benefit the courier businesses. It also demonstrated their importance in the delivery of packages and small business shipping at an hour of crisis. There are online resources available at Flagship Courier Solutions, which may provide you with more information.

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