Guide To Buying An Office Printer

Purchasing a printer for your home office can be a daunting task, in many cases. Printers are sometimes considered foreign knowledge to many individuals, despite working in an office environment. They are costly, break down rather often, and require expensive ink cartridges on occasion. That being said, a wireless laser printer is also a necessity for running almost any type of business or for those in college who need to print 12-page research papers for their professor.

There are a few things to look for when purchasing an office printer, including cost, functionality, ease of use, and the included features that come stock out of the box.

⎙ The Home User

For the general home user, a printer should be capable of handling absolutely everything from a simple expense report to a newsletter to a snapshot of a new home or business front. Most printers designed for simple home use are generally within the price range of $40 to $80, though some may be more expensive, depending on quality and included features.

Alternatively, you could purchase a laser printer, which starts at around $100, that allows for simple setup, quality text and graphics printing, and extreme functionality.

⎙ The Student

Most students across the country will find themselves writing and printing entire papers for their classes on a near weekly basis. This can be expensive if you are using a printing service outside of your own home. Investing in a laser printer, which generally costs around $100, can save money in the long-run. The printer in question should be capable of crisp copy, legible text, while not wasting ink or paper, both of which can be costly.

⎙ The Small Business

For those running a small business of their own, a multi-function laser printer is the only option you should seek. These wireless laser printers are capable of saving space, and many include a fax machine, copier, and a scanner to round out the entire lot of what you need.

Depending on which features you opt for, most models will start at around $99 on the low-end. For that price, the small business owner can expect to receive very basic copy, scanning, and printing functionality from their device.

The alternative, which will cost upwards of $250, is a personal laser printer without faxing and scanning capabilities, but better quality printing and functionality.

⎙ Benefits of Laser

Laser technology has been around for years now in the printing world, but only recently have major advances been made in the industry. These types of printers combine fast print speeds with crisp quality and a low cost per page quota. They use a photographic drum to transfer electrically charged toner to the paper, creating the perfect image or text. For more information, visit the West X Business Solutions website.

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